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Second Hand Gold Buyer has been looking after the needs of the gold users in Malviya Nagar. They buy old gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones. The company makes it very easy for you to get the best price for your gold. There could be a need for urgent cash and we help you to fill the gap by facilitating home pick-up service.

Get the best in industry prices sitting at home. Our business policy is value-based and we pride ourselves in employing the highest standards of integrity and trust while buying the gold or silver. Second hand Gold believes in gaining the trust of the gold users in Malviya Nagar by offering transparent metal analysis methods. The customer gets the ultimate satisfaction of getting the optimum price for their valuables with the trust that the value has been arrived at with precision and honesty.

The process is simple; the customer can connect with us at any time of the day and schedule a pick-up. You may want to generate cash out of old jewellery, or looking to remodel your old jewellery. You might have hoarded silver that is no longer wearable, think anklets and bichiyas, old coins and trinkets that take up space in your locker. The money that selling them could generate could easily buy you that new dining table. Revamp your home with the extra cash.

Gold users in Malviya Nagar can walk into one of the many outlets we have in and around Delhi and see the process first hand. Our teams are highly trained and have deep knowledge of how to analyse metal purity, grade diamonds and other precious stones and ascertain the best price. Satisfied customers are our pride. We aim to open outlets across the country so that more people can utilize fair practices when selling gold and silver.

We are looking to add incentives like 12% extra value during festive seasons, so that customers feel pampered. The whole transaction is secure and carries a guarantee. The online portal allows you to access our services from anywhere at any time of the day. The hassle of going to a shop, fearing for an honest transaction and getting the entire cash in hand upfront is the facility that facilitates trust in the minds of the customer. The sale of old jewellery requires an emotional connect and trust in the company you do business with. Second hand Gold makes it easy and comfortable for you.

So if you are interested to deal with us then just give a call at Gold Buyer in Malviya Nagar helpline number +91-9999837955, 9999333245. We are available 24/7 for your help.

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