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If you want to sell your jewelry online, you are most welcome. You have correctly found us. We, at Cash for Gold & Silverkings in Moolchand, provide the ultimate range of services with a high level of security to buy precious valuables at the best prices. Since this era of digital mode has made the online platform a most widely used platform. More and more people prefer to fulfil their needs online so that they do not require putting many efforts otherwise. Now, most of the people are dependent on the online platform for their many significant needs. This has become the need for them.

Looking in mind the requirement of such need, we have also emerged with our online selling facility. Now, you can sell old gold and silver for cash in Moolchand and whole Delhi NCR with us and get deserving payment in the mode desired. Your payment will be made using our online secure payment gateway. To sell your jewelry with us, you need to visit our website Scrap Gold Buyer. You can also get free valuation report for your these valuables online to get a fair idea in respect of worth of the items. You just need to follow some simple steps to sell using the online facility. These steps take a very short time so that your transaction completes shortly and you can get your payment on time.


To sell your valuables online to us, you need to first log on to our website as mentioned above. Thereafter go to the online selling tab and select the respective item to sell. Now enter corresponding correct particulars of the articles you want to sell. Submit the same and wait to receive a suitable quote from us. On receipt, you want to proceed further on this quote, send your valuables to us at the provided address. On their receipt, they will undergo in evaluation. After verification of the provided details, your payment would be made instantly. You can also collect all undesired items and sell scrap gold and silver in Moolchand.

If you are interested in dealing with us, then visit our nearest branch or contact us at Gold Buyer in Moolchand helpline number +91-9999837955, 9999333245. We also provide the free home pickup service for the customers in Delhi NCR. We are available 24/7 for your help.

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