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We all are sure that our futures are secured if we have gold with us. We can go to any gold buyer and sell our gold and get the best value for it. This is why we have seen such a huge jump in the selling of jewelry as people know that it is the best time for them to sell their jewellery.

Having said this, do you know how gold buyers actually measure the value of your gold? If you go out to sell gold near me, do you know what value you would get for your jewelry? In this blog, we will try to answer these questions and also see which Jewellery buyer you can approach to sell your jewelry.

How The Worth Is Measured?

All gold buyers follow the following steps to determine the value of your jewelry

The Purity

The value of the Carat of your jewelry is its purity, simple as that. The selling price of the jewelry that you see in the advertisement is for 24 Carat gold. You are supposed to divide your Carat value by 24 and then multiply it with the current selling price to know your jewelry worth.

The Weight

To make sure that the weight of your jewelry has been properly measured, only the latest and the best machines should be used. Then, according to the current selling price, the worth of your jewelry is determined.

Who Is The Best Gold Buyer in Gurgaon Sector 24?

A gold buyer who makes sure that all the right steps are being followed is the best gold buyer in Gurgaon Sector 24.

Now that we have told you everything, you know that it is not that easy to determine the worth of your jewelry. This is why you should always trust a genuine Jewelry buyer such as Cashfor gold and Silverkings to sell your jewelry.

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