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Cashfor Gold & Silverkings in Pune

For the past twenty years,we have put a smile on hundreds of thousands of people's faces by giving them the best price for their gold. Now that we are in Pune, we will make sure that we keep continuing this tradition. Pune is the city of dreams, in proximity to the financial capital of India, Pune has everything that is desired by a business to grow. As we have grown a huge customer base in Delhi NCR, we are extremely positive that we will win the hearts of our customers in Pune too. You must be wondering who we really are? Why should you only sell gold in Pune to us only? Why are we trusted by so many people and so on. We assure you that we will answer all your questions with all transparency.

How Do We Function?

  • With such a long time in the same business we are familiar with every minute details of the market.
  • This is why it will take you less than half an hour to get the highest price for your gold.
  • Our business model makes us operate in such a way that we open our multiple branches, which we will follow in Pune too.
  • This will allow you to sell your gold to us without going too far from your place.
  • Our service of buying your gold from your home will be extremely helpful for you in this covid era.
  • Perks Of Doing Business With Us

  • We sanitise our stores daily, thus, you can visit us in Pune whenever you want without thinking anything about getting contracted.
  • As we give the most genuine price in the market, you can always be assured that you are selling your gold to the best gold buyer in pune.
  • We always give a higher price than other buyers in the market. You can compare our prices with different buyers in the market before selling your gold to us.

  • We believe in giving our best services to our customers and we have been doing it for decades now. Give us a call to make sure that you can enjoy our services in Pune too.

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