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How to Sell Gold in Delhi NCR Without Bill?

Admiring about selling gold without bill? We will help you.

Are you facing problems in selling your jewelry in Delhi NCR without bill, it seems a big trouble but it is not. Your first impression will be negative if you reach the office or jeweler to sell your gold as they will doubt you that you are a legal buyer of that gold or you have taken it illegally. but because you are in necessity in need of cash you want to sell it immediately so cash for gold & Silverkings will understand your situation and will help in getting your need. We are familiar with the situation when anyone tries to sell the valuables without having the bill but you are suffering from tough times we will not waste our and your time in judging you.

Because it is the best place to sell gold we face many customers with the same problem if bill is not available with them. This is the condition because of which we didn’t ask bills or do not take it as mandatory to sell ornaments. If you are legal owner of the precious items and you have misplaced the bill don’t worry still you can earn a lot of returns immediately.

Sell Gold Without Bill

Why you should make us your first choice?

As we have cleared that it is not mandatory to keep bill with you to sell your precious metal. Cash for Gold & Silverkings will give you higher cost in exchange of your item if you don’t have the bill. These are the points which make us different and better than other in the same business.

We do this business professionally

If you have chosen us you are not come to any ordinary place or an ordinary buyer, you have come to certified and trusted buyers. We are authorized and certified by the officers who are appointed for this by government. So dealing with us is 100% legal and 100% safe.

The process to sell ornaments without having its bill

If you lost the paper or you have not taken it when you were buying your jewelry then just bring an identity proof and an address proof issued by the government it can be your pan card, adhar card, driving licence, passport , voter id card and sell your gold easily. For more info you can contact us at Gold Buyer Noida helpline number 9999837955, 9999333245. We also provide the free home pickup service for the customers in Delhi NCR.

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